Choosing a roofing system

Step 1: Calculate Wind Loads

Calculations for wind loads on roofs are described in the National Building Code of Canada (NBCC). These calculations can sometimes be very tedious. To simplify this task, the NRC (National Research Council of Canada) provides an online tool for the public to model the majority of cases of buildings under 150 ft.
This tool is available at the following web address: Wind Roof Calculator

Step 2: Search for an appropriate roof system

Since 2005, the NBCC refers to CSA A123.21 to determine if a roofing system can support the calculated wind loads.
The link below will give you access to the results and the description of the assemblies tested by EXP. Note that the results presented in these Bulletins are weighted by a factor of 1.5. No other weighting factor is required.

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